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San’an Develops Micro LED Chips, while San’an Semiconductor Receives Subsidy

According to the announcement from the official website of Tianjin Municipal People’s Government on December 11, Tianjin San’an has worked with Tiangong University to develop RGB Micro LED chips and microdisplay array key technologies, and they have overcome Micro LED epitaxial structure design, material growth and high-yield mass transfer and have successfully developed RGB Micro LED chips. The external quantum efficiency has reached a higher level, and the transfer yield rate has achieved above 99.9%. The products have applied for 4 invention patents and 2 utility model patents.

According to the announcement from San’an on December 11, the wholly-owned subsidiary Quanzhou San’an Semiconductor (hereafter referred to as the “San’an Semiconductor”) has received a document of a notice about the payment of equipment purchase grant to Quanzhou San’an Semiconductor from the administration committee of Nan’an branch of Quanzhou Semiconductor high-tech industrial park.

According to the cooperation agreement signed by Quanzhou Municipal People’s Government, Nan’an Municipal People’s Government and San’an, the equipment purchase grant of RMB 184,273,009.89 has been given to San’an Semiconductor.

San’an Semiconductor has received the payment on December 10. According to related regulation, the equipment purchase grant was confirmed as deferred income when San’an Semiconductor received it, and was amortized equally over the lifespan for related assets.


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